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Course description


We teach Grade 8-12 Maths and Grade 10-12 Science, in Afrikaans and English, for the IEB and DBE/NSC syllabi.

Our in-depth classes are topic-specific courses which allow students to master respective sections of theory. Our exam prep clinics are full-day revision sessions which are hosted before major exams.

Our subject experts teach the essential theory and guide learners through relevant, hand-picked exam questions from a variety of Maths past papers and Science past papers.

Online courses


Science Clinic's interactive online classes are hosted on Zoom.

Our subject experts’ writing and calculations are displayed in real time. Students can discuss their questions with the presenters.

The online versions of our exam prep clinics are divided over multiple afternoons to maximise contact time with our subject experts while minimising continuous screentime for our students.

Course attendees receive: SmartPrep theory notes, past paper questions and past paper memorandums. A course recording is uploaded two business days after the completion of the course.

Online teaching team


We work with a national team of Maths and Science teachers.

Our teachers are not only subject experts, but passionate about helping our students. We equip our teachers with streaming technologies to ensure that our course attendees receive high quality online lessons.

Attendance T&Cs